I think it is time for Europe to go forward from principles which would work in an ideal world. The only way we can defend our western values is to keep them safe from values outside.

Last time we were saying how pencils are more powerful than guns. We used our pencils a lot. Did we change the world with our beautiful paintings? No. Our open system is just too vulnerable for dangerous ideologies, violence and human trafficking. 

We need to stop mass immigration to Europe. Help for this amount of asylum seekers can only be given equally through refugee camps.

We need to leave Schengen-idea behind and go forward to secure our safety and create something new. Ideas, which were not created for this time, will not work currently.

We need to start to put more attention to what is happening inside islam in Europe, because all these horrible attacks rise from there. Many Europeans are manipulated to turn to islam and leave to Middle East to kill people. Some of them are given task to do attacks here.

Last year Europe’s city of Love was filled with sorrow. This time they attacked to the heart of Europe, Brussels.

I am now at Europe’s city of Freedom, Amsterdam. I am talking with people here at Schipol airport and they are saying they are afraid. I just hope this wonderful city will not be attacked. Some years ago I did not have this kind of thoughts when I was travelling in Europe.

These fears and attacks will not end until we take back control. We need to stand proud with our values and fight for them.

Writer is teacher student from safe country called Finland.

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